Goliath Push to Open Drawer Slide Pair

Goliath Push to Open Drawer Slide Pair

Goliath Drawer Slides are easy to install and available in various lengths to suit a range of applications. Perfect for bathroom vanity, kitchen furniture, office furniture, home cabinet.

  • Weight rated to 45kgs
  • Screws included
  • Easy to install
  • Additional ball bearings for a super smooth glide





Zinc Plated



45kg weight rating

Full extension

Profile: 45.5mmX12.7mm


Lengths Available

DS300PTO - 300mm0%
DS350PTO - 350mm0%
DS400PTO - 400mm0%
DS450PTO - 450mm0%
DS500PTO - 500mm0%
DS550PTO - 550mm0%
DS600PTO - 600mm0%

Installation video guide

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